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Tempat-tempat suci agama Buddha



[size=small] Taman Lumbini

The pool in which the abution of Prince Siddhatta was performed

Asoka Pillar marks the exact spot where Prince Sidhartta was born

Kapilavastu, the Kingdom where Prince Siddhatta grew up.(15km from Lumbini)
The Ruins Palace of Kapilavastu

The Ruins of Piprahwa Stupa, Kapilavastu

Piprahwa Stupa - erected to housed the Buddha's relic by the Sakyan

[size=small] Maha Bodhi (Pipal) Tree
The Buddha attained His Enlightenment under this Bodhi Tree on the full-moon day of Vaisatha (Wesak), 623 B.C.
-Bodhi Pallanka-

The side wall of the Maha Bodhi Temple

The stone reliefs of the Jataka Stories

The side wall of the Maha Bodhi Temple

The Buddha spent the second week in meditation here, gazing unwinkingly at the Maha Bodhi Tree
-Animisa Locana-

In third week, the Buddha walk up and down in meditation. The carve stones on the platform indicates the spots where the Buddha's feet rested during the meditation.

Week four, the Buddha meditated reflecting on the Patthana (Causal Law).

Week five, the Buddha meditated under the Ajapala Tree which is marked by this sign.
-Ajapala Nigrodha (Banyan) Tree-

The Buddha spent the sixth week in meditation near this lake. A severe thunder storm broke out and Mucalinda, the snake king came out and encircled the body of the Buddha, held his large hood over Him.
-Mucalinda Lake-
<the actual Mucalinda lake is
2 km from this lotus pond.>

The seventh week was spent in meditation here. Another tree was planted to replaced the original tree, which is no longer there.
-Rajayatana Tree-



[size=small] Sarnath (Isipatana, Benares) - the Deer Park
- The Dhamma was first preached to the five monks

The Dharmarajika Stupa foundations with the Dhamek Stupa in the background

The Dhamek (Dhammacakka) Stupa
- marks the exact spot where the Buddha delivered His first Discourse

The Dhamma-Cakka-Pavattana Sutta (the Discourse on the Turning of the Wheel of Truth), the first sermon was delivered by the Buddha

The Mulagandha Kuti Vihara
Built by the Maha Bodhi Society in 1931

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  • Ahh...akhirnya tahu juga...
  • [size=small][align=center]Kushinagar (Kusinara)
    - The Maha Parinibbana (passing away) of the Buddha

    The Stupa and the Nirvana Temple

    Reclining image of the Buddha

    The spot where the body of the Lord Buddha was cremated by the Mallas with sandle wood fire
    -Cremation Stupa, Rambhar Jhil-

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    [size=small]A unique Pagoda about 325 feet high, is emerging in Mumbai, India. It's the first of its kind in the world. It's being developed in memory of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

    This Grand Pagoda aims to create greater awareness of Vipassana, the meditation technique now rapidly spreading in over 100 countries, in cultures as diverse as Russia, Iran, Cuba, Germany, Japan, USA. Vipassana is the scientific, non-sectarian self-observation technique re-discovered by Gotama the Buddha, who used it to attain Enlightenment. It's now spreading in its purest form, in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Knin, as taught by S.N. Goenka.

    This Pagoda will also enshrine the genuine Buddha relics, at the centre of a large hall that can enable 10,000 Vipassana students to meditate together. Around the hall, Information Galleries will depict historical facts about the Buddha's life, and his true teachings.

    This Grand Pagoda is a powerful symbol greeting the new millennium, a celebration of Vipassana again arising in the world after being lost to humanity for centuries. [/size]
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