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mythology browser game MMO, Gods Origin Online

Lords resided in this harmonious planet and everything went as the Creator ever wanted. Then, human beings come into existence and beyond all expectation, danger, turmoil and chaos, were nourished.
As time elapsed, with the zealous pursuit of power, some Lords went astray – principles, restrictions were burnt down to ashes.
The Lords holding the faith of justice will never bow down and the Sacred War burst out.

Now, the fate of this world is in your hands – hold your faith and never back down!

Gods Origin Online is an original web-based RPG game. Players progress through the game as human summoners that bring the Deities of Astral Realm back in time, before Ragnarok took place, in order to save them. Hold your faith and never back down...

Assemble a team of the strongest deities and set out to defeat the power-corrupted ones in this new browser MMORPG, Gods Origin Online! Make sure to constantly level up and upgrade your team and their equipment, your mounts, talents as well as your unique ability to tap into the sacred planes as you battle the minions of these power-blinded gods and goddesses. Engage in challenging real-time fights with various bosses and creatures from the Nether in the game’s many PvE campaigns and events or dive into some epic PvP action with other players’ teams. If you enjoy mythical browser-based MMORPGs, you’ll definitely like playing Gods Origin Online!


Gods Origin Online is a mythological game and thus, in terms of its storyline, you can expect a lot of god-to-god drama. In the game world, most of the gods or goddesses have abandoned their principles and ethics in pursuit of power and were eventually corrupted. However, a few of them remained true to their cause and they are willing to aid you, the chosen human summoner, to remind the corrupted deities who they truly serve and hopefully be able to save the world before they manage to burn everything down.


Before plunging into the fantasy world of Gods Origin Online, you’ll first need to create your character. The game provides you with two classes, namely the swordsman/ warrior and the magician, to choose from. Although you can’t customize the looks of your character, you are allowed to choose to play as either a male or a female.

As you might have expected, Gods Origin Online is a party-based game. This means that even though you’ll start the game off alone, you’ll eventually be able to assemble a team of deities who will aid you in your quest to save the world from the power-hungry gods and goddesses of old. The main way to recruit a new deity to your cause is by gathering enough deity fragments, but sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can get a complete deity by summoning (usually the premium summons) as well.

The power level for each deity is restricted by their tiers. Naturally as you level up, you’ll want to get better and higher-tiered deities to join your team. Don’t forget to deploy your new deities in your team’s formation or they won’t be able to help you out!

That said, there are many ways you can upgrade your deities – you can level them up using EXP books, ascend them to improve their quality rating and hence boosting their stats, upgrading their skills, or even replacing their weaker sets of armor with better ones. The equipment they use can also be augmented in a multitude of ways, be it by inlaying gems or by simply by upgrading them.

The same applies to your main character. You’ll be basically leveling yourself up, improving the weapons and armor you use, and ascending yourself to increase your quality. Interestingly though, unlike your deities, you have a rather unique talents system. It is tier-based rather than being a tree- or a web-based format, and you can incrementally boost the skills you use by simply moving on from the lowest Uncommon tier right up to the most powerful Ancient tier.

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